• Talk - The Physical Life of Data

    I’m excited to be speaking with my collaborator Laura Perovich about our Embodying Information project at the Northeastern University Center for Design’s panel on “The Physical Life of Data”. This panel talk is on Thursday Jan 28,2021 at 12pm (Boston time).


  • What Can AR Do for Climate Change Communication?

    AR has emerged as a popular approach to interacting with technology - creators are leveraging it for video games, educational experiences, live filters and more. We are motivated by this development to explore how AR is being used for pro-social communication. What can AR offer to thing...

  • Data Skits - Learning From Participatory Theatre

    Last year, we came together and started exploring the experience of data through movement with our first “Data Moves” workshop. Our driving questions related to how these interactive and somatic methodologies could enhance the way we engage with information. We started with a simple qu...

  • Workshop for Librarians - How to "Speak Data"

    We will be leading a virtual workshop for the Network of the National Library of Medicine. This online workshop is targetted at public librarians across the US. It is scheduled for Tuesday Dec 15th at 2pm EST. Register Now!

  • Librarians as "Civic Data Ambassadors" - revisiting a project

    Librarians are key connections between the public and information of all types, but how can we help them introduce civic data better? The Civic Data Ambassadors program was a six-week online course that taught librarians how to be ambassadors for open data in their communities. Launched...

  • The Data-Driven Citizen

    As a double major in computer science and cognitive science back as an undergraduate, I was fascinated by how even complex concepts might be effectively conveyed to a broad audience, given some understanding of how people think. One of my favorite class readings was an essay called “The...